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Real Estate Website

Categories: Joomla Websites
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    The client had an existing database to manage the clients and properties on a day to day basis. The original developer where no longer available and I was hired to complete the project and fix many errors that where not finished. Using PHP and jQuery the system was heavily modified and expanded. Those included: PDF creation with PHP to create exposes for clients and window display. Developing a method to match houses to clients and clients to houses. This involved the creation of a new data model with the PHP scripts to display either suitable house or suitable clients. Reach client could have several search profile which where used to match the properties for his needs.
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    Client:Firstclass Estates

    Manager:Jürgen Conzelmann


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RecentlyClient Says

  • Simone Maduro
    I have worked with Ralf for over a year.. He is kind, patient, effective and when ever I need help he is ALWAYS available to me.  His best trait as a web site designer is that he listens to what the client wants and needs then makes it happen. Thank you so much for your help I would not trade you for another.
  • Suzy Turnbull
    I've been working with Ralf for about 3 years on various different website projects on different platform. Apart from being great to work with, he's experienced, knowledgeable and delivers on time.
  • Alex Schult
    Ralf... I just wanted to say over the last number of years that you have been working on PhotographyTalk, you have done nothing short of an amazing job. You have become great asset to the company and I just wanted to say thank you for a job well done. - Alex
  • Scott Allen
    Ralf is a real pleasure to work with. We hired him on a number of occasions and he always came through for us. There were many times that I know Ralf worked well into the night to keep us going. That's amazing. This is one of those guys that genuinely loves what he does and we're lucky to have found him.


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